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Another very important subject was treated : the com- parative advantages of hospital treatment, or of secourg a domicile. Dr. Bouillaud rose in favour of the hospitals, chiefly on the score of public instruction. Dr. Panta- leoni, and more extensively Dr. Seitz, of Munich, spoke in favoixr of adding to the indispensable existence of the hospitals and of the hospital instruction the instruction of the policlinick schools as introduced in Germany, and as mucn as possible in our social and political state, the distribution of medical treatment and medicines in pri- vate houses or at least in barracks, opened as much as conveniently to the air. The statistics quoted by Dr. Seitz about the Cialis Black 800mg comparative result of the two systems hiave no room for doubt when and where the second sys- tem can be employed. The Congress was closed the 2nd of October. The kindness and the benevolence shown Cialis Black 800mg by the Tuscan phy- sicians to their colleagues are beyond all praise and buy it, Buy Cialis Black 800mg fast. Without exception, thanks are duo to Professor Brugnoli, Dr. Bos, Professor De Marian, Professor De Renzio, Professor Palasciano, Dr. Pantaleoni, and all the committee and well-wishers of the Congress Buying Cialis Black 800mg. The next International Medical Congress was fixed for cialis black.